Clan League

Clan League

Red Hot Pawn Chess Chess Leagues : 3 Day Timeout, 7 Day Timebank : Season 2

Season 2 is Finished

Division 1

1A big mistake410890612282GamesView Team
2Peace On Earth2108821511257GamesView Team
3The Vikings710870308218GamesView Team
4The Bad Bishops20108573714185GamesView Team
5Crazy Aquarists610854459171GamesView Team
6Metallica18108514512165GamesView Team
7Freethinker's Clan131083070898GamesView Team
8CLAN MAIDEN51082479577GamesView Team
9University of Copenhagen121082185265GamesView Team
10Losing Is Also An Art41081986360GamesView Team

Division 2

1Notte in Bianco1010891134277GamesView Team
2King's Gambit1108692910217GamesView Team
3Death Angel110870326216GamesView Team
4The MythFits310852488164GamesView Team
5The Jewish Clan810848528152GamesView Team
6The Rotating Stars Clan!5108435312141GamesView Team
7Astro610836684112GamesView Team
8The Chess Clan410835667112GamesView Team
9DUNE210833723102GamesView Team
10Wellington Chess Club151082973693GamesView Team

Division 3

1Contumelious Clan110877274235GamesView Team
2Hitchhikers Guide to the Ga...810872288224GamesView Team
3Tolkien Clan1510864386198GamesView Team
4The Poker Clan110858437181GamesView Team
5The Lost Bobbys110847565146GamesView Team
6Crystal Palace FC All stars1110846602140GamesView Team
7Vikings610843605134GamesView Team
8The White Hats410840626126GamesView Team
9The Fast Players2010835676111GamesView Team
10ENGINEERS11083273399GamesView Team

Division 4

1ISCABBS26046131139GamesView Team
2The Guttersnipes16042162128GamesView Team
3The Literati5603127295GamesView Team
4In Vino Veritas13602434274GamesView Team
5crazies3602040060GamesView Team
6The Europe United Clan3601346140GamesView Team
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