Clan League

Clan League

Red Hot Pawn Chess Chess Leagues : 3 Day Timeout, 7 Day Timebank : Season 3

Season 3 is Finished

Division 1

1The Vikings710896210298GamesView Team
2Crazy Aquarists6108791811248GamesView Team
3Peace On Earth2108653211206GamesView Team
4A big mistake410852488164GamesView Team
5The Bad Bishops20108504711161GamesView Team
6Freethinker's Clan1310847547148GamesView Team
7CLAN MAIDEN510839663120GamesView Team
8Death Angel110835658113GamesView Team
9Metallica181082781081GamesView Team
10University of Copenhagen121081592146GamesView Team

Division 2

1The Poker Clan110888173267GamesView Team
2The MythFits3108633411200GamesView Team
3Crystal Palace FC All stars1110860399189GamesView Team
4DUNE210858419183GamesView Team
5Hitchhikers Guide to the Ga...810858464178GamesView Team
6The Lost Bobbys110847574145GamesView Team
7The Rotating Stars Clan!510839636123GamesView Team
8Astro610835676111GamesView Team
9The Chess Clan410835712107GamesView Team
10The Jewish Clan81082876488GamesView Team

Division 3

1The Fast Players2010883205254GamesView Team
2In Vino Veritas1310871298221GamesView Team
3The White Hats410865403198GamesView Team
4The Guttersnipes110862388194GamesView Team
5ISCABBS210856466174GamesView Team
6Mad as the Mist and Snow210852533159GamesView Team
7The Literati510842642128GamesView Team
8Vikings610836675113GamesView Team
9The Europe United Clan31082880084GamesView Team
10Express Lane141082583075GamesView Team

Division 4

1FAITH HOPE LOVE1310881225248GamesView Team
2The Mustangs410877238239GamesView Team
3Smiffy's Pawn Stars10108722610226GamesView Team
4Sticky Wicket1010864377199GamesView Team
5The Art of War410862406192GamesView Team
6M.U.T.I.1310849509156GamesView Team
7Liverpool FC Supporters Cla...1110833741100GamesView Team
8Herbaholics71082974592GamesView Team
9PC's Were made for CHESS11082580378GamesView Team
10Lone Wolf21081985461GamesView Team
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