Clan League

Clan League

Red Hot Pawn Chess Chess Leagues : 3 Day Timeout, 7 Day Timebank : Season 4

Season 4 is Finished

Division 1

1Peace On Earth210888713277GamesView Team
2Crazy Aquarists610869336213GamesView Team
3The Vikings710861407190GamesView Team
4The MythFits310857438179GamesView Team
5A big mistake410856475173GamesView Team
6The Bad Bishops20108524511167GamesView Team
7DUNE210845558143GamesView Team
8The Poker Clan110836657115GamesView Team
9Hitchhikers Guide to the Ga...81082480476GamesView Team
10Crystal Palace FC All stars111081790152GamesView Team

Division 2

1FAITH HOPE LOVE1310887156267GamesView Team
2Smiffy's Pawn Stars10108731619238GamesView Team
3The Mustangs4108692316223GamesView Team
4The Fast Players20108553815180GamesView Team
5The Guttersnipes110853469168GamesView Team
6In Vino Veritas13108445311143GamesView Team
7The Lost Bobbys1108385812126GamesView Team
8The Rotating Stars Clan!51083174396GamesView Team
9Astro61082381473GamesView Team
10The Chess Clan41081887357GamesView Team

Division 3

1The Wycombe Clan210877256237GamesView Team
2M.U.T.I.1310866384202GamesView Team
3PC's Were made for CHESS110865367202GamesView Team
4McDonalds Clan110864395197GamesView Team
5Team Canada1110865412197GamesView Team
6Macedonian Lions610848546150GamesView Team
7Day-Yam!3108455310145GamesView Team
8Sticky Wicket10108366210118GamesView Team
9Liverpool FC Supporters Cla...111083073595GamesView Team
10Klingon Warriors11081590348GamesView Team

Division 4

1Chess Club21089297283GamesView Team
2OTB Chess Players210885176261GamesView Team
3The Silent Majority210876266234GamesView Team
4MANCHESTER CLAN310866348206GamesView Team
5The Marshals.710852506162GamesView Team
6Fly a Rebel Flag110845576141GamesView Team
7The Vagabonds11083071797GamesView Team
8The Yorkshire Laikers191082977289GamesView Team
9Swintonians.101082484072GamesView Team
10Kiwi Clan41081690250GamesView Team
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