Clan League

Clan League

Red Hot Pawn Chess Chess Leagues : 3 Day Timeout, 7 Day Timebank : Season 7

Season 7 is Finished

Division 1

1DUNE210884618270GamesView Team
2Smiffy's Pawn Stars10108662418216GamesView Team
3Chess Club2108633114203GamesView Team
4In Vino Veritas13108593316193GamesView Team
5Ireland6108603711191GamesView Team
6FAITH HOPE LOVE13108445410142GamesView Team
7Peace On Earth2108435510139GamesView Team
8The Vikings710836711109GamesView Team
9The Fast Players201082281571GamesView Team
10The Bad Bishops201081196134GamesView Team

Division 2

1Chessaroos14108762012240GamesView Team
2OTB Chess Players210875267232GamesView Team
3Amsterdam Clan810873278227GamesView Team
4The Pawn Stars410862388194GamesView Team
5Macedonian Lions6108504810160GamesView Team
6Team Canada1110842579135GamesView Team
7Klingon Warriors110841643126GamesView Team
8Fly a Rebel Flag1108366012120GamesView Team
9The Wycombe Clan21082578580GamesView Team
10Crazy Aquarists61082284268GamesView Team

Division 3

1Romania310893312291GamesView Team
2Join so I can make tourneys110879218245GamesView Team
3Brasil15108692712219GamesView Team
4Denmark5108682614218GamesView Team
5Complete Assembly Required2108484812156GamesView Team
6Friendly Chess Club4108465210148GamesView Team
7The Quantum Mechanics310835667112GamesView Team
8The Inverness Caley Thistle...111082776586GamesView Team
9The Internationals161081986360GamesView Team
10SUNDERLAND F.C21081493143GamesView Team

Division 4

1King gets kicked!410887174265GamesView Team
2BEER CLAN!!! ( Team
3The Silent Majority210866339207GamesView Team
4Scotland910858455179GamesView Team
5Planet Oz510856466174GamesView Team
6The Funky Movers ©310852488164GamesView Team
7Leapin' Lizards!210841625128GamesView Team
8Mad as the Mist and Snow210835712107GamesView Team
9Freethinker's Clan131082576782GamesView Team
10English clan91081988158GamesView Team

Division 5

1The Chesshooligans510886175263GamesView Team
2The Aristocrats710883205254GamesView Team
3The Knights Who Say Ni !3108623214200GamesView Team
4The Dao of Pooh510857438179GamesView Team
5A big mistake4108475110151GamesView Team
6Return of the Bellypants!2108435510139GamesView Team
7Zena5108375813124GamesView Team
8Liverpool FC Supporters Cla...1110835658113GamesView Team
9King Davids Mighty Warriors11082970996GamesView Team
10Crystal Palace FC All stars111082088060GamesView Team

Division 6

1Bobby Chess Clan44834131103GamesView Team
2ChessM2483216096GamesView Team
3artistry7483115295GamesView Team
4Ravensloft5481236036GamesView Team
5The Dark Tower348938128GamesView Team
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