7 Day Timeout, 14 Day Timebank : Season 1

Season 1 is Finished
Division 1
1Crazy Aquarists610887912273GamesView Team
2The Bad Bishops18108782010244GamesView Team
3Dutch clan1110878237241GamesView Team
4Losing Is Also An Art410856448176GamesView Team
5Heart of Europe210856475173GamesView Team
6Celtic Druids1210839690117GamesView Team
7The White Hats410835676111GamesView Team
8University of Copenhagen1210832697103GamesView Team
9Portuguese Speakers61082681179GamesView Team
10South Africlan81082381473GamesView Team
Division 2
1Peace On Earth210880235245GamesView Team
2Chess Lords!110869327214GamesView Team
3Clan Caissa6108633510199GamesView Team
4Canadian Dream1310856448176GamesView Team
5A big mistake310852506162GamesView Team
6Mad as the Mist and Snow210848519153GamesView Team
7Metallica1810839663120GamesView Team
8Stonewall's Brigade2108366012120GamesView Team
9Federation of Kings110835676111GamesView Team
10King's Gambit11082777485GamesView Team
Division 3
1Notte in Bianco1010810152305GamesView Team
2DUNE210887183264GamesView Team
3Fun Clan710877274235GamesView Team
4The Vikings710852479165GamesView Team
5London Calling310850535155GamesView Team
6Death Angel110841634127GamesView Team
7Tolkien Clan1510840644124GamesView Team
8Hitchhikers Guide to the Ga...710839654121GamesView Team
9The Poker Clan11082880084GamesView Team
10The Boozelater Clan21087100122GamesView Team
Division 4
1The Icy, Sinister, Black Ha...1483213399GamesView Team
2Astro6482915491GamesView Team
3The Chess Clan4482224268GamesView Team
4The Lost Bobbys2481530348GamesView Team
5Wellington Chess Club13481430446GamesView Team
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