Clan League

Clan League

7 Day Timeout, 14 Day Timebank : Season 3

Season 3 is Finished

Division 1

1Peace On Earth210883916265GamesView Team
2Crazy Aquarists610880235245GamesView Team
3Heart of Europe210878219243GamesView Team
4The Vikings7108613710193GamesView Team
5DUNE210839627124GamesView Team
6The Bad Bishops20108375912123GamesView Team
7A big mistake410837638119GamesView Team
8Tolkien Clan1510838664118GamesView Team
9South Africlan81082578580GamesView Team
10The White Hats41082282470GamesView Team

Division 2

1The Mustangs410887129270GamesView Team
2TSF ( Taastrup Skak Forenin...610883214253GamesView Team
3The Guttersnipes110873323222GamesView Team
4Hitchhikers Guide to the Ga...810854495167GamesView Team
5ISCABBS210846602140GamesView Team
6FRANCE710840644124GamesView Team
7The Lost Bobbys110837692113GamesView Team
8Astro610835667112GamesView Team
9The Rotating Stars Clan!510836684112GamesView Team
10Mad as the Mist and Snow21082878286GamesView Team

Division 3

1The Funky Movers ©310894122284GamesView Team
2Herbaholics710863396195GamesView Team
3The MythFits310862415191GamesView Team
4CITEFA CLAN1010856448176GamesView Team
5Crystal Palace FC All stars1210857474175GamesView Team
6Red Hot Rebels910851516159GamesView Team
7FAITH HOPE LOVE1310843587136GamesView Team
8The Pawn Stars410841652125GamesView Team
9London Calling31082879185GamesView Team
10The ShadowWarriors31082281571GamesView Team

Division 4

1The Knights Who Say Ni !31089693291GamesView Team
2Part Troll110877238239GamesView Team
3The Swedish Clan610873278227GamesView Team
4PC's Were made for CHESS110870326216GamesView Team
5Team Canada1110869318215GamesView Team
6Macedonian Lions610847592143GamesView Team
7No Clan anymore010838664118GamesView Team
8SUNDERLAND F.C21081889155GamesView Team
9Coca Cola Clan11081791051GamesView Team
10Rebels Without A Clue101081593045GamesView Team

Division 5

1Chess Club210877265236GamesView Team
2French Defence Lovers3108721719235GamesView Team
3Smiffy's Pawn Stars1010869318215GamesView Team
4Denmark5108633114203GamesView Team
5McDonalds Clan110861407190GamesView Team
6M.U.T.I.13108425610136GamesView Team
7Sticky Wicket1010841598131GamesView Team
8Cheeky Monkeys101082873791GamesView Team
9Klingon Warriors11082481375GamesView Team
10Liverpool FC Supporters Cla...111081982764GamesView Team

Division 6

1The Silent Majority21089297283GamesView Team
2Chessaroos1410883214253GamesView Team
3Friendly Chess Club410870317217GamesView Team
4King's Gambit Players Clan810868328212GamesView Team
5Amsterdam Clan810850508158GamesView Team
6Kiwi Clan410845612137GamesView Team
7English clan910840635125GamesView Team
8Jazz and Blues61082582176GamesView Team
9The Best Clan In The World21082282470GamesView Team
10The Family Guy Clan31082185265GamesView Team

Division 7

1Join so I can make tourneys124183357GamesView Team
2Complete Assembly Required224811529GamesView Team
3The Internationals1624517217GamesView Team
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