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Game idPlayersLast MoveMovesPoints
9107317Subscriber Bebert II On VacationvsStandard member Bull McCabeFeb 13 2013 03:36490InfoResigned
9107689Standard member Bull McCabevsSubscriber Bebert II On VacationDec 18 2012 20:44361InfoGame drawn
9107316Subscriber Bebert II On VacationvsStandard member KaoslosNov 04 2012 18:38730InfoResigned
9107312Subscriber Bebert II On VacationvsSubscriber red cloudSep 05 2012 23:35441InfoGame drawn
9107313Subscriber Bebert II On VacationvsStandard member gambit05Sep 05 2012 19:28260InfoResigned
9107743Subscriber AspasiavsSubscriber Bebert II On VacationJul 27 2012 07:13630InfoResigned
9107419Subscriber red cloudvsSubscriber Bebert II On VacationJul 18 2012 08:39330InfoResigned
9107318Subscriber Bebert II On VacationvsSubscriber AspasiaJul 08 2012 19:48360InfoResigned
9107315Subscriber Bebert II On VacationvsDonation David TebbJul 06 2012 11:53470InfoResigned
9107314Subscriber Bebert II On VacationvsSubscriber kbear1kJul 06 2012 05:45410InfoResigned
9107797Standard member MacErikvsSubscriber Bebert II On VacationJun 15 2012 16:10270InfoResigned
9107319Subscriber Bebert II On VacationvsStandard member MacErikJun 13 2012 12:51190InfoResigned
9107311Subscriber Bebert II On VacationvsSubscriber Ian15Jun 11 2012 23:40223InfoResigned
9107365Subscriber Ian15vsSubscriber Bebert II On VacationJun 05 2012 23:53223InfoResigned
9107473Standard member gambit05vsSubscriber Bebert II On VacationMay 26 2012 15:45210InfoResigned
9107581Donation David TebbvsSubscriber Bebert II On VacationMay 26 2012 13:36270InfoResigned
9107527Subscriber kbear1kvsSubscriber Bebert II On VacationMay 20 2012 19:49190InfoResigned
9107635Standard member KaoslosvsSubscriber Bebert II On VacationMay 19 2012 19:30190InfoResigned
8 points scored from a maximum of 54 available from 18 game complete.