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  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    30 Apr '13 04:35
    As you have probably noticed if you are reading this, a site update went live today that modernises the UI a little without being unfamiliar to existing users.

    Right now, the branded site are not functioning, but that will be resolved shortly. You can still log into from each of the branded domains.
  2. 30 Apr '13 04:55
    Thanks, looks nice :-)
    How does the ordering work now? I'm missing asc and desc on Time remaining.
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    30 Apr '13 04:56 / 1 edit
    Branded sites are now back.
  4. Standard member Mctayto
    30 Apr '13 08:09
    Reckon that has to be the worst update ever made to the site.

    Roughly a third of my screen is now blank space (1/6th either side of the site vertically)

    How can you honestly believe this to be an improvement ????
  5. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    30 Apr '13 08:18 / 1 edit
    It's a matter of numbers, more people are playing on smaller devices than widescreen PCs, and trying to keep everyone happy has to be a webpage developer's nightmare. I think this is a good compromise, almost anyone can use the new site, wherever they happen to be or how bad their devices are. We who have the luxury of big screens shouldn't complain about having a bit of white space on display. My own screen width is more than 50% white space and I'm not complaining.
  6. Subscriber Donmac
    Mr Thompson
    30 Apr '13 09:28
    I have always regarded the RHP site as most impressive. However, this change has made it a much less appealling site to visit. I thought you'd had to temporarily wind back to your 1995 version!! I hope you change back quickly.
  7. Standard member randolf
    30 Apr '13 09:52
    Holy crap !!!

    Perhaps I am an old stick in the mud but really don't like the new graphics nor the pop up box which appears when you write an in-game message to your opponents.

    I don;t understand the reasons for the changes if the old interface worked perfectly. The 'new look' is too modern with too much appearing on the screen at once. It seems to have been designed for children or those with low IQs.

    Sorry, but not impressed.

  8. 30 Apr '13 10:13
    The new site looks very awesome. Great work!
  9. 30 Apr '13 10:25
    This is an improvement. Thumbs up to the developers. Nice job!
  10. 30 Apr '13 10:26
  11. 30 Apr '13 10:29
    i don't like it at the moment but i am sure after a while i will get used to it
  12. 30 Apr '13 10:43
    I like it. Aesthetics are fairly clean. Functionality is fine. Took me less than a minute to figure out the new navigation. Agree that the center column could be a little wider and take use of the available real estate, but its not a bad thing. Maybe you can add a feature in the settings to increase the width for those that like it. A little disappointed with the Game Log tab. The old popup was a little bit annoying, but at least it was larger. It's ok though, I use the Analyze feature for the same purpose. The new board is what does it for me. I was on my way out and on to other sites because I saw greener grass, but now Im here to stay. Well done, devs and designers! Platform: Win8, Chrome 26.0.1410.64 m. So far no technical issues.
  13. 30 Apr '13 11:46
    I find the size of the chess board on the screen daunting. Before you could look at it objectively, and see the board as if playing A GAME.
  14. Subscriber Sleepyguy
    Reepy Rastardly Guy
    30 Apr '13 11:54 / 1 edit
    I'm disoriented a bit but I like it. Nice job. The only issue I have so far is I sometimes get the following bit of code displayed next to my user name in the upper right. Using Win & and Firefox 20.0.1.

    Edit: It seems to only happen when I go to My Games.

    (a href="#" onclick="XPopGamesUrgent( event );;return false;" title="Pop out urgent games"><img src="/img/uip/icons/xpopflat16.png" style="float: right; width: 16px; height: 16px; padding-left:8px;margin-left:8px;border-left:solid 1px #DDD "></a><a href="/core/gameserve.php" style="text-decoration:none;color:white;display:block">0 games waiting</a)
  15. 30 Apr '13 12:00
    Change it back, it looks like a VIC-20 screen, seriously.