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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

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Members needed please join207 May '14 15:04neil666Ponderable
Looking for a good game?109 Apr '14 15:31pikejohnpikejohn
Higher Rated players only103 Apr '14 16:13pikejohnpikejohn
Maybe Masters? needs a few more members131 Mar '14 15:06pikejohnpikejohn
Maybe Masters?329 Mar '14 14:24pikejohnpikejohn
The Tao of Chess108 Mar '14 20:20huckleberryhoundhuckleberryhound
knights of the round table club recrutment105 Mar '14 07:38MUNGAAMUNGAA
"Camelot Oasis in Space"2126 Feb '14 05:11Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Looking for a club please.......311 Feb '14 22:51SirdubalotSirdubalot
Club Tournament Bonanza217 Jan '14 15:33LEURPonderable
Is there a303 Jan '14 14:35RBHILLPonderable
Join The Club114 Dec '13 14:40GoodKnight2UGoodKnight2U
Create Club Forum Broken ?324 Nov '13 00:16thaughbaerKewpie
Seeking clubs with good forums329 Oct '13 06:52NoEarthlyReasonKewpie
Club tournaments226 Sep '13 08:16CostadCostad
Active Poster?114 Sep '13 06:14KewpieKewpie
My club603 Sep '13 09:04RBHILLGrampy Bobby
Calling (out) all gambit naysayers322 Aug '13 05:19Divot FarmerPonderable
i got me a new club!!!920 Aug '13 12:27rookie54Ponderable
club 345 the one for you302 Aug '13 17:12johnnylongwoodyGrampy Bobby
MUTI Werewolf Game119 Jul '13 13:27LEURLEUR
"You"215 Jul '13 20:47Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Naming tournaments - date prefixes218 Jun '13 17:44RussLEUR
Zero day timeout (hardcore) tournaments are now...214 Jun '13 16:44RussCostad
Viennese Dreams gambit series102 Jun '13 07:04Divot FarmerDivot Farmer
Single Malt Scotch (Gambit) Tasting Series120 May '13 14:15Divot FarmerDivot Farmer
By Invitation316 May '13 13:59KewpieKewpie
Join Gambit Fantasy116 May '13 03:16Divot FarmerDivot Farmer
Cub banner images.211 May '13 02:21RussKewpie
French defence101 Apr '13 08:48raioxraiox