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  1. 08 Jul '12 12:59 / 1 edit
    Gambit Openings are not good. if you do not understand Theory in general. passed pawns, double pawns, pawn Island, bad piece this, good piece that, etc.. You have to have a good learned knowledge to destroy it. That is why we don't see iit much at higher
    level chess. Why? because Most GAMBIT OPENINGs Sucks.. They don't last. A lot of Grandmasters are beaten by lower ranks because of it. That is the reason why you don't see it nowadays in master chess. If you don't believe me, try any Gambit Crap Opening you know and use it against me when you join my club, for i will surely teach you, until you drop it. Now did i huh..say something?? huh.. Oh well. all i say was all true. Can I whisper to you?? Okay, This is all i gonna tell you most gambit users are "clueless.
    __ Jcmessy (User 658847)