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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

  1. 12 May '12 20:17
    The Rookies club (Club 317) - more tournaments open than members!!!

    May be in need of more members....
  2. 06 Jul '12 02:45
    Thanks raiox. I did it to make sure that participants (new or not new), who would play
    to his / her strength level, would be just fair, and much better chance of moving up.
    nothing more. I know i won't be making any money here for a living. That is for sure.
    but just to share of what i thought would benefit to the player (new or not).__ Jcmessy.

    P.S. To those who are interested to join, chck it out @ "Rookies Chess Club."
  3. 08 Jul '12 14:51 / 3 edits