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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

  1. 12 Aug '10 23:15
    Just had a major clearout of "inactive members" and are now looking for some new blood.

    To become a member click the link Club 7 and apply.

    Criteria for membership will be that you must be active on the site within the the last 90 days and also be willing to take on Club games with other members, otherwise why be a member?!?

  2. Standard member Mctayto
    15 Aug '10 01:54
    Originally posted by adramforall

    why be a member?!?

    Exactly Why
  3. 15 Aug '10 13:36
    Originally posted by Mctayto
    Exactly [b]Why[/b]
  4. 24 Sep '10 14:44
    Bump for bumping sake