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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

  1. Subscriber VESPIN
    All For Fun
    05 Jan '12 18:53
    I just wanted everyone to know that this club 1000-1200 is now running again. It was really missed. There are so many that are rated in this category and would enjoy the challenge of playing in the tournaments with others rated just as they are. More and more are joining and we are looking for good strong players and nice people who like to play. I will keep it to one tournament a month. maybe one every other month. It all depends on what everyone asks me for or what our members want. I promiss to do what ever I can to meet your needs to make this club a very fun and competitive place to play. So please be pro active and ask your friends to join. thank you, also, just go to "community" on top in the red strip, click on it, the drop box comes down, look for clubs, click on that. then look for club 1000-1200 and request to join and then once accepted get ready to join the tournaments and to have lots of fun....

    michael cifelli
  2. Standard member patrickrutgers
    Pale Yellow Star!
    05 Jan '12 21:21
    Here's the link for the 1000-1200 Club: Club 115.

    A great idea! If not banded tournaments, banded clubs!
  3. Subscriber VESPIN
    All For Fun
    08 Jan '12 05:00
    just an update....try to take a look in here once a week if time permits....just in case others in the club are posting thoughts or idea's that we can use to make this club even better. and of course our second main goal is to get more and more people to join....and we are doing very well.....thank you all for your help...