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Clubs Public

  1. 14 Nov '09 21:11
    The Blackmar Diemer gambit is an exciting tactical opening which begins 1) d4 d5 2)e4.

    White sacrifices a pawn but gains open lines and rapid development. If Black is not careful he can get caught up in a whirlwind attack. But Black has possibilities too....he is a pawn up from move 3 and if he knows what to do the struggle can become a balance between White's initiative and Black's material

    There are ways of getting there by transposition for example from the Scandinavian 1) e4 d5 2 d4.

    The opening is probably not completely sound but it leads to exciting, rich, tactical play which is great fun....and FUN is why most of us are here.

    Club BDG was created to explore the possibilities of this wonderful opening which has many fans. To some it is almost a way of life (like the Siclian Dragon) If we can get enough people we can start a good forum and organise private Tournaments.

    As a taster here is a classic from Emil Diemer who invented the BDG opening.

  2. Standard member patrickrutgers
    Pale Yellow Star!
    15 Nov '09 04:32
  3. 01 Jan '10 22:21
    One spot is open in first BDG tournament.
    Club 32
  4. Standard member SapanRinpoche
    Sapan Rinpoche
    01 Apr '10 05:58
    The demo game is a real GEM, a beautiful little chess "vignette!" I have enough trouble with the Scandanavian or the Center-Counter, etc., but this certainly is 1) something I have never seen before, and seems that it should have been in the play books long long ago, AND, 2) something that I would have to play with a bunch before ever trying in a "serious" game. I think I will try it in a string of BLITZ games and I will get back to you. Also, Zawinul, so you have a private tournament going on now with a BDG crew. Where can we look in, if that is possible? Take care, my friend, and ... GOOD LUCK IN THE RHP 2010 Championship. Kindest regards, Sapan Rinpoche -- Lyons, Colorado, USA, NA