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Clubs Public

  1. 10 Apr '12 07:58
    The number of active members is the key to success of our clubs. Just want to see how do others get members.

    I do invite members, however I dislike randomly inviting people. I look for people who have played or show an interest in Gambits.

    So I have used the RHP database to see who plays gambits and invite them to particular tournaments - this is very time consuming and since the database is out of date, then it is of less use. Also it does not find players of less than 1400.

    I have invited players who have played in themed RHP gambit tournaments - not a huge number of tournaments but an easy way of finding players who may have an interest.

    Also I watch the forums and look for discussions on gambits.

    Overall this has been successful and we have a relatviely large active club. Any other suggestions?