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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

  1. 03 May '11 18:28
    Hello we are looking for members.

    Look at User 625990 for more information about the club

    Best Wishes
  2. 07 May '11 09:11
    We have so many ideas for showing the posibilitys of a club with his tournaments, which are much more than in the offical tournaments. Therefore we need a lot of players.

    I promise you, there will be a lot of fun, to join and play with us.
  3. 17 May '11 13:59
    We are a young club with interesting ideas for special tournaments
    and rankings

    Join and see

    Club 286
  4. 19 Jun '11 15:47
    We are creating a Players League with a structure of a pyramid.

    One 1. Divison, three 2. Divisons and nine 3. Divisions

    In this way 104 Players could play in a Players League. And a new player needs only two swining up for coming in the 1. Divions for playing to the championship.

    Come and join our club