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Clubs Public

  1. 17 Oct '14 06:53

    Is it possible:
    Each time I create a tournament, a message gets sent to each member.
    So when I create 20 tournaments, 20 messages get sent to all members.

    I am part of MUTI, so when roma creates 20 tournaments, that's another 20 messages.

    A few other clubs as well so basically I go away for a weekend.... and 60 odd messages in my inbox. (Most often when I click to go to tournament its fully subscribed anyway)

    To my question:

    Is it possible that no messages go out each time we create a tournament? and in its place, if possible, we have access to a reminder link.
    Such that a club owner can click on it once (or as often as they like) but after such click a generic message goes out to all members that these are the tournaments on offer and it has a link to the tournaments page in the club.

    I have over the years lost members because they don't like receiving 50 messages from the club.