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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

  1. Standard member patrickrutgers
    Pale Yellow Star!
    05 Oct '09 19:23
    In a forum thread in Provisional Club! Club 171 two skilled players clandarkfire (1600) and EminentStudent (2100) are playing what we're calling a Discussion Match. They'll play out all their moves in the forum, while providing their own discussion and commentary on the game--maybe some discussion of openings, positional play, whatever. At the same time, all are welcome to chime in with commentary, questions, etc.

    Obviously, this is not a rated match and is intended for a little chess discussion, maybe some learning, maybe some fun…not cut throat competition in this forum. Just 2 good players and a lot of learning, for both of them as well as the rest of us, I think.

    Check out and join in this stimulating chess experience. The forum thread is called "DISCUSSION MATCH--clandarkfire v. EminentStudent"

  2. Standard member patrickrutgers
    Pale Yellow Star!
    23 Oct '09 03:01
    This is a great ongoing match with a fantastic discussion happening between players and onlookers.