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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

  1. 15 Jan '12 11:10
    If you enjoy gambits join Gambit Fantasy (Club 236), see if anything below catches your fancy

    Current gambit tournaments open:

    Fried Liver
    KGA Bishop's gambit, Lopez-Gianutio counter-gambit
    Evans Gambit
    Rousseau gambit

    Proposed plan for gambits (open to suggestions):
    QGD Albin counter-gambit
    KGA Muzio gambit
    Winawer counter-gambit
    Two knights defence Lolli attack
    Benoni Taimanov variation
    Dutch Staunton gambit
    Danish gambit
    queens gambit accepted
    Latvian gambit
    Rumfort counter Gambit
    Queen's pawn, Mason variation, Steinitz counter-gambit
    Vienna `Frankenstein-Dracula' variation
    Falkbeer counter-gambit
    Elephant gambit
    Evans Countergambit
    French Wing gambit
    Queen's pawn Englund gambit
    Ruy Lopez Marshall counter-attack
    Wing Gambit
    Belgrade gambit
    Schliemann/Jaenisch Gambit
    Vienna Gambit
    Wild Muzio Gambit
    Dutch, Spielmann gambit
    Sicilian Andreaschek gambit
    Benko gambit accepted
  2. 29 Jan '12 11:03
    Current tournaments open:
    Spielmann Gambit
    Elephant gambit II
    KGA Muzio gambit II

    Tournament plan:
    Dutch Staunton gambit IV
    Latvian gambit IV
    queens gambit accepted
    French Wing gambit III
    Rumfort counter Gambit II
    KGD Nimzovich counter-gambit
    Semi-Slav, Noteboom variation
    Vienna `Frankenstein-Dracula' variation II
    Dutch, Krejcik gambit
    Falkbeer counter-gambit III
    Evans Countergambit
    Wing Gambit
    Queen's pawn Englund gambit III
    Ruy Lopez Marshall counter-attack II
    Belgrade gambit III
    Schliemann/Jaenisch Gambit III
    QGA Schwartz defence
    Vienna Gambit III
    Wild Muzio Gambit
    Dutch, Spielmann gambit II
    Sicilian Andreaschek gambit II
    Two knights Max Lange attack Tournament II
    French Winawer, fingerslip variation
    Benko gambit accepted IV
    Ruy Lopez Cordel gambit II
    KGA Tumbleweed gambit