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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

  1. 15 Jan '10 03:27
    Hi, there.
    do you love gambits, do you like risk...

    Well, then gambit fantasy is made for you. Club 236

    And there, we got plenty of gambits for suscribers..

    Tournament 8985 a weapon of extreme sharpness.
    Tournament 8984 a new weapon, you won't see it often, ( there are some forced moves )
    Tournament 8983 The new, counter gambit, the nightmare of king gambit lovers.
    Tournament 8982 Yeah, the traxler need no introduction.. I wish to knight variant, but ho well, there is no forced moves.
    Tournament 8980 A few force moves, the favorite opening of EMil Joseph Diemer, a must for gambitteersé.