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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

  1. Subscriber Costad On Vacation
    06 Mar '12 09:26
    Hello there. Just a quick advert
    I started a club in 2011.
    The aim is tournament after tournament after tournament.
    If you are interested please join the club via this link:
    try Club 289.[/b]
    I take requests so ask for a tournament and i will create it.
    The only "annoyance" you will get is that each time a tournament is created an auto message is sent out.
    You do not have to enter all tournaments, so you can ignore the messages.
    There are other open tournaments still there.
    Hope you enjoy the club
  2. Subscriber Costad On Vacation
    16 Apr '12 10:07
  3. 21 Apr '12 20:53
    Originally posted by Costad
    Only the fickle would find it annoying.