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  1. Standard member uzless
    The So Fist
    26 Jul '08 02:51 / 1 edit
    Anyone heard the mash-up of Master & Servant vs Satisfaction?


    This one reminds me of the early Detroit days when guys like Richie Hawtin started putting out that Hard House sound circa 1993. I remember the massive Edenfest out at Mosport on the shuttle bus from the parking lot to the campground blasting the Crablouse remixes by Lords of Acid out of somebody's ghettoblaster and pissing off all the Tragically Hip fans on the bus. Smashing Pumpkins were suppsoed to be the surprise final band but no one cared that they didn't show because after Siamese Dream we all thought they were just converted pop band anyway.

    The Cure stole that 3 day concert followed closely by Porno for Pyros and Love & Rockets. What was the point of this thread again?