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  1. 18 Dec '12 23:27 / 2 edits
    There is an interesting hypothesis about attractiveness, that composite or averaged looks are found by most people to be more attractive than the individuals picked to composite or average. One idea about that is that visual cues that do not "challenge" us by being outside the expected are seen as more attractive for that fact alone. Here is an interesting link that allows you to pick out a number of head shots and then average them.

    I ask that you average several (not just a couple) images you find less attractive and report what you find about whether the composite is more attractive than any of the faces you picked. If you are a bit lazy like me just pick at random.

    The page keeps track of the composite you create. Do they look similar to one another?

    There is also a gallery although some of them look bogus.

    Can you construct a composite that looks like you?
  2. Standard member wolfgang59
    19 Dec '12 23:54
    I chose the three most attractive women and their composite was clearly better.
    For a laugh I randomly added a male face.
    Horror! The resulting girl was even better.
    Am I turning gay? 😕