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  1. Subscriber Loose Screw
    Insane in the Brain!
    07 Dec '11 12:16
    Here's mine for this moment:
    Smith & Burrows - Funny Looking Angels

    Please tell me yours.
  2. Subscriber FMF
    Main Poster
    08 Dec '11 16:20
    Originally posted by Loose Screw
    Here's mine for this moment:
    Smith & Burrows - Funny Looking Angels

    Please tell me yours.
    Th notion of "Great" might rather depend upon things like genre and your generation.

    Abigail Washburn - City of Refuge (2011) alternative banjo driven folk

    Umphrey's McGee-20111023 South Bend, IN (live SBD) eclectic prog-ish rock by a jamband. I can tell you where you can get it.

    Lou Reed - Rock 'n' Roll Animal (2011 Remastered & Resequenced) - fiddled with, no great harm done

    Dave Holland Quintet - Extended Play - Live At Birdland (2003) - 8 or 9 piece post-bop ensemble stuff on the ECM label no less, can't go wrong

    Calexico-Road_Atlas_1998-2011 - 9 of their Tour-only releases compiled, so not 'tour-only' anymore - eclectic progressive folk/alt-country

    Allman Brothers Band-20111129 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA - soundboard. I actually bought & downloaded this one.

    Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow (2011) - a lush and ambient one

    The B-52's - With the Wild Crowd_Live in Athens (2011) - first live album after 33 years of being The B-52's

    Tom Waits - Bad as Me (2011) - best album since Mule Variations

    Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Per Zanussi 2011 Morning Songs - lot of Zappa influence here

    William Shatner - Seeking Major Tom (2011) - so awful, it's good

    King Crimson - Discipline [40th Anniversary Edition] (2011) - I'm of an age that makes this a seminal work, rereleasing it just emphasizes how I have aged, but oh well

    Magazine - No Thyself (2011) - 30 years since the previous release - still plenty of mischievous lyrics and gritty/soaring riffs

    Peter Gabriel - New Blood (2011) - worthy addition to the great man's oeuvre

    Kid Creole & The Coconuts - I Wake Up Screaming (2011) - another resurrection album but pretty funny and well crafted
  3. 08 Dec '11 16:42
    The new Tom Waits album is pretty awesome.
  4. Subscriber Loose Screw
    Insane in the Brain!
    09 Dec '11 07:24
    Thanks for the input.

    A selection of other albums I like from this year are:
    Veronica Falls - Veronica Falls
    Dum Dum Girls - Only in Dreams
    Widowspeak - Widowspeak
    Grouplove - Never Trust A Happy Song
    King Mob - Force 9
    The Duke Spirit - Bruiser
  5. 09 Dec '11 09:05
    Metronomy - The English Riviera

    Memory Tapes - Player Piano
  6. 09 Dec '11 21:10
  7. Standard member DrKF
    incipit parodia
    11 Dec '11 20:31 / 1 edit
    A Winged Victory for the Sullen - A Winged Victory for the Sullen (one half of Stars of the Lid in a new collaboration - neoclassical ambient drone. Wow, I actually wrote those words down. But it is excellent.)

    Four Tet - [/i]Fabric Live[/i] (straight out of left field, Four Tet gives up an outstanding mix of 90s UK garage, a bit of dubstep and other bass-centric stuff. If you didn't think you liked that genre, this might change your mind.)

    Our Brother the Native - Vows (Everything but the kitchen sink indie with a weird vocalist, not as good as their Sacred Psalms but still great.)
  8. Standard member DrKF
    incipit parodia
    11 Dec '11 20:52

    Kuedo - Severant (simply the best electronic music I heard this year.)

    Sigur Ros - Inni (live album - there's a dvd as well. And they are due to release a new album in the first half of next year!)
  9. Standard member avalanchethecat
    Not actually a cat
    17 Dec '11 16:28
    Nice bit of Indie pop - Chateau Revenge by The Silver Seas. Not exactly brand new, but very good tunes.
  10. Standard member DrKF
    incipit parodia
    21 Dec '11 09:40
    Finally, two from a friend's best of 2011 list I hadn't previously heard, but am really enjoying:

    Peaking Lights - 936 (warped electronic dub-pop)

    The Phoenix Project - Buffalo (sort of like a mix between Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and Fleet Foxes. Which probably isn't selling it all that well. But it's a great little album.)
  11. Subscriber Loose Screw
    Insane in the Brain!
    21 Dec '11 22:21 / 1 edit
    Something I found yesterday and really grabs me:
    Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside - Dirty Radio (2011) --> It's Rock 'n Roll with that 60's feeling, but still in the now.
  12. 24 Dec '11 14:38
    Carolina Chocoilate Drops - Genuine Negro Jig...Don't let the name of the band or recording fool you. This band is the real deal. Rootsy, folksy blues at its best.

    Eric Bibb -Booker's Guitar...Real blues. Sort of a Taj Majal sound.

    Hank Williams III - Hillbilly Joker. Wild country to country thrash. Its fun
  13. Standard member Soothfast
    03 Jan '12 08:05
    VNV Nation - "Automatic"
  14. 03 Jan '12 19:33
    Selah Sue - Selah Sue
    Jenny Lane - Life's like a chox of bogglets
  15. Standard member DrKF
    incipit parodia
    09 Jan '12 17:17 / 1 edit
    Apparat Organ Quartet - Polyphonia and a free download from Enemies List Records.

    Eight years after their debut - and three years later on international release - the second album by Apparat Organ Quartet is worth a look. Four keyboardists, using mainly salvaged electronics following a deal with the Icelandic refuse service, and a drummer, it's a mix of electronica and rock. If you liked Kraftwerk's Computer World, this might be for you.

    A track from their debut album is on the DrKF02 mix on Radio RHP.

    Enemies List Records is the home of the previously discussed - and pretty amazing - Deathconsciousness. They released a free 'Christmas' album (that is, they released a free album for Christmas, not that I expect it to have a particularly festive feel, although Giles Corey from Deathconsciousness did cover the amazing Low song 'Just Like Christmas'😉. Just out today, so as yet unlistened, but there's a couple of new Deathconsciousness tracks and that's enough for me.