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  1. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    04 Jul '14 00:42 / 16 edits
    Now the white blues people:

    Rory Block! Terraplane blues, (Robert Johnson)


    Here is my teach, Backwards Sam Firk, playing Old country Dump,

    Mike Stewart, RIP:

    I have a lot of Firk stories

    He recorded around 1962 on Fonotone Records, a couple of tracks with John Fahey but this I believe is pure Firk.

    Here is Firk and John Fahey, Black swampers Blues. John and Mike, RIP.

    The great Ry Cooder:

    Vigilante Man (Woody Guthrie)


    And from Paris Texas movie:

    And another GREAT movie theme and a great movie:

    The Long Riders!!!!:

    Another virtuoso, Leo Kottke. I first heard him around 1963. Reading the album liner I thought it was a joke and it was really John Fahey!

    Here Leo is with another dobro virtuoso from Union Station, Jerry Douglas:

    James Taylor, Fire and rain, acoustic live:

    Joni Mitchell: 1970, live, Both sides now:

    Joan baez, Donna Donna:

    Ralph McTell, Streets of London, live: Great song!

    Tom Paxton, Last thing on my mind, live, 1966: