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Culture Forum

  1. 28 Jan '09 15:47
    ...then you've probably seen this, but if you haven't it's a very good clip
    with poetry reading and short in between discussions:

    * Somebody Blew Up America
    * Something in the way of things
    * Dig this out
    * Fashion this (my personal favourite)
    * Poco Loco

    "It's just that, you know, once you opt to be in the movement itself, not
    as a separate intellectual who's commenting on things that you're not
    involved in, then people look at you differently, see. I mean I won the
    Obie award for best American play in 1964, but when we went up to
    Harlem with the same play in 1965 they said it was racist. What
    was the difference? The difference was that looking at it in a
    dispassionate way as art is one thing, but if somebody thinks that you're
    telling somebody to do something..."

    "When I was a little kid I used to read Chinese and Japanese poetry. I
    was a weird little kid, you know, living in Newark, and I read something
    called a Haiku. And so I thought I'd create something for black people
    called a Lowku (Poco Loco)."

    "In the funk world, if Elvis Presley is king, who's James Brown? God?"