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Culture Forum

Culture Forum

  1. Standard member Agerg
    The 'edit'or
    18 Jan '11 22:36 / 3 edits
    keep playing the same song over and over again contiguously? I often find myself doing this!

    Anyone else do the same!?

    Currently on repeated play is:
    Cover From The Sky - Deacon Blue
  2. Standard member Bosse de Nage
    Zellulärer Automat
    18 Jan '11 23:33
    Deacon Blue?!
  3. Standard member Agerg
    The 'edit'or
    18 Jan '11 23:49 / 4 edits
    Yeah, I seem find myself drawn towards bands from the eighties/early nineties. That said I only started listening to Deacon Blue about a year ago - For 13 years I've missed out on some great music (in my opinion).