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  1. Standard member rbmorris
    20 Jul '09 20:37
    Anybody here use Lala?

    Great site. Highly recommended.

    What is Lala? Well, it's a site that allows you to listen (once) to most albums/songs all the way through, so you can preview them before buying.

    If you like an album and want to listen more, you can buy the "web album" for less than a dollar. Web albums can be listened to online as many times as you want for as long as you want. You just can't burn a CD. If you eventually decide to buy the album, they credit the cost of the web album towards your purchase. You can buy albums or just individual songs. Either way, all your music is stored in an easy to use online player that works similar to iTunes. You can easily organize your music, create playlists...etc.

    Example: I've been interested in an album by the band, Deerhunter lately, but have been too cheap to download it. So, today I bought the "web album" on Lala for 70 cents. Going to listen though a few times, then decide if I like it. If I do decide to download the mp3 album, they apply the 70 cents towards the purchase price. The album would only cost me an additional $6.99 vs $11.88 on iTunes! Not bad, eh?