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  1. 03 May '08 16:22
    If you were to propose a new holiday, what would be the particulars? I had to discard Pawnhandler Appreciation Day because those who don't know me wouldn't understand the purpose of the holiday, and those who do know me already appreciate me. 😉

    I've thought of a Green Day, on which people "spring clean" their town -- parks, streets, yards, sidewalks, alleys, etc.

    I also like the idea of taking holiday names already in use but changing them:

    Boxing Day -- everyone boxes up any stuff they have in their dwelling that they neither use nor need and get rid of it by selling it or donating it.

    Labor/Labour Day -- as near as possible without endangering others, people switch jobs (especially those who are so sure they know how to do other people's jobs) -- people who are rude to restaurant staff out of habit work in one as a waitress, cook, dishwasher, etc., spend a day doing legal research or studying a law student's notes for an exam at the end of the day, be given an empty lesson plan book and a classroom of children and be expected to teach a day's worth of lessons that match the state standards and keep every child on-task the whole time, examine people's smelly teeth all day while listening to how much everyone hates dentists, ride with police officers and face the risks while being expected to not punch someone's lights out no matter how much you think they deserve it, etc.

    Or maybe we can just have a parade with floats for Pawnhandler Appreciation Day. 😉