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  1. Subscriber moonbus
    07 Jan '16 19:26

    Ambidexterity !
  2. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    12 Jan '16 15:37 / 4 edits
    Originally posted by moonbus

    Ambidexterity !
    Stanley is impressive for sure, but the two guitar thing is just the same as he was doing on one guitar, just doing the same licks on the second guitar he was doing on 1.
    Still an awesome guitarist! I would like to have seen what Merle Travis would have thought seeing Jordan! BTW, he has written a number of papers like this;
    APL for music

    One thing though: He wouldn't be playing that way on an acoustic guitar since you would be hard pressed to hear him, it takes highly amplified pickups to do that kind of tapping, which also takes a specially made guitar with flat fretboard and very low strings, less than a millimeter off the frets which allows tapping to make good sounds.

    I did hear a girl at a folk fest doing much the same thing on an acoustic but again, it had an acoustic pickup and was amplified up the kazoo.
  3. 30 Jan '16 16:25
  4. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    30 Jan '16 19:57
    Originally posted by FishHead111
    My own sweet little guitar, a Washburn R305, wide neck small body parlor guitar Washburn reissued from an 1898 guitar, is a sweetheart and I played many a gig with it and ended up having to replace some of the frets they were worn down so much.

    So the guy that did it, I asked him to lower the action since it was getting hard to play and he did, almost as low as you can go without buzzing, an example of that is John Renbourn and Bert Jansch playing on a few of their albums the strings buzz they are so low but they like them like that, but mine don't go that low and even so I was able to pull off moves I couldn't do before up the neck because of the relatively high strings.

    Now I can make chords on the 15th fret fairly easily and have been writing tunes based on my new ability with that guitar. I have a couple of Martins and they are known to be a bit on the high side string wise but they sound great. I also have a 1908 Gibson A model mandolin which is an incredible sounding and loud instrument! We also have dulcimers, banjos, keyboard and fiddles and even a bowed psaltry, an instrument that sounds to me like someone scraping fingernails on blackboard. I don't play that one much🙂