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Culture Forum

  1. Standard member ChronicLeaky
    Don't Fear Me
    05 Mar '09 19:34
    FMF's list of his favourite albums at various ages (I think) makes me wonder: what was the first record everyone bought? Would you still buy it?
  2. Standard member Palynka
    Upward Spiral
    05 Mar '09 21:23
    A double buy with my first own money:


    It seems somewhat stupid now, but these two albums shaped a lot of things in my life.
  3. Standard member uzless
    The So Fist
    05 Mar '09 21:50 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Palynka
    A double buy with my first own money:


    It seems somewhat stupid now, but these two albums shaped a lot of things in my life.
    man you must be young.

    My first buy was an album by the Alan Parsons Project
  4. Subscriber AttilaTheHorn
    Erro Ergo Sum
    05 Mar '09 23:27
    In about 1959 when I was 13 - Mozart: Symphonies No. 40 and 25 with the Philharmonia Orchestra with Otto Klemperer conducting. Yes, I would still buy it again and if I ever see a re-issue I'd snap it up in a second.
  5. Standard member Bosse de Nage
    Zellulärer Automat
    06 Mar '09 07:01 / 1 edit
    Age 13, Pink Floyd, 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason'. I still like 'Learning to Fly'.
  6. Subscriber FMF
    Main Poster
    06 Mar '09 07:29 / 1 edit
    8 years old - First 7" single: Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father (1972) [Buy it again? Er... no]
    12 years old - First LP: Little Richard - Little Richard Live (K-Tel 1976) [no I wouldn't, it's nadiresque]
    23 years old - First CD: Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Mainstream (1987) [I still have it]

    I have spent the last 10 years doggedly tracking stuff down from my childhood & youth - backcataloguing I believe is the term. One of the most exquisite moments was finally stumbling across Spliff - Spliff Radio Show (1980) in a second hand CD shop in Amsterdam in 1999 after having it itching away on my frontal lobe's wish list for about 12 years.
  7. Standard member Seitse
    Doug Stanhope
    06 Mar '09 07:45 / 1 edit
    Billy Idol's Rebel Yell.

    I still love the whole LP, bit by bit. I bought with my Sunday allowance 🙂

    Before that one, I received as a present the only Judas Priest album I've heard about, lol

    "Breaking the Law" was the mental soundtrack for many of my pranks and adventures as a young boy.
  8. 06 Mar '09 09:12
    Most of the records I have were presents or part of a collection my sister's godmother was giving away. I think the first one I bought myself may have been "Le Petit Prince", an audio play that I bought at a flea market in France when I was a teenager. The first LP I remember owning myself (and having asked for) is a recording of Bartók's violin concerto and the two rhapsodies for violin and orchestra that I got when I was 8. I asked for it because my sister and my brother were playing the first rhapsody, and it was my favourite piece at that time. I remember that I was a bit disappointed because the recording was with orchestra, not piano. I still have the record and still love the music, although I don't mind anymore that it's with orchestra. 🙂
  9. Standard member Daemon Sin
    I'm A Mighty Pirate™
    06 Mar '09 11:42
    Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation

    And I would still buy it again.