Roy Clark

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Culture 19 Nov '18 14:08
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    19 Nov '18 14:08
    Just a quick 'thank you' to the man who made Hee Haw a household name, (along w/Buck Owens). Mr. Clark was one of the most versatile musicians I ever saw, and the most amazing guitar player I have ever heard. I am grateful to have been a member of his captive audience. You will be missed.
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    21 Nov '18 09:54
    I remember a method book he wrote for guitar sight reading of musical notation. Roy Clark's Big Note Guitar Book, promoting an idea that if the notes were written large enough, you would want to try reading them. They were so big, it had the alphabet name inside the note. It probably was published in the early 70's as tablature was gaining popularity and guitar instructors were trying to get students to continue learning standard music notation. Way before the internet proliferated so much tab use. If you had made it through the book one method books, this was a decent supplement. Roy Clark, great musician, studio player, performer, educator, deserves his place in guitar hall of fame.
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    I saw a demonstration of his talent where he played 5 string banjo, sax, guitar, mandolin. keyboards and fiddle one after another and not amateur level either.