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  1. 18 Sep '08 18:52
    Please post links to sites with rules.

    I prefer an advanced game. (Not something as simple as soduko.)
  2. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    22 Sep '08 07:16
    Originally posted by nihilismor
    Please post links to sites with rules.

    I prefer an advanced game. (Not something as simple as soduko.)
    An ex gf and I used to play a game that we started doing on paper but then were able to do mentally: Odd and Even.
    I programmed my calc to play it, you can start with three letter words, then go to 4 or 5, etc.
    The rules are this: suppose you have a three letter word and you are the guessee, the one generating a three letter word to be figured out.
    The other player gives a test word. Lets make the word to be worked out to be Tot, a baby. Now, either on paper or in your head, you put the test word underneath like an addition problem, suppose the test word is Tat. then it looks like this:

    the rule is if the letters in that position matches, the result is 1.
    If not the result is 0.
    So in this case, 101. Now you count the # of 1's. A single 1 is odd.
    So two 1's is even.
    So the guessee says "even"
    That gives the guesser a clue, he/she thinks two letters are right.
    But if the answer were to be 000, that also is an even, so it could be also that none are right.
    Now I worked out a strategy, taking a word like PIP, it turns out that there is a word that results from using all the vowels in the center,
    so PAP, PEP, PIP, POP, and PUP. So I would give those test words, of course one turn at a time.
    So if I got, even, even, even, odd, as would be if the two outer letters are incorrect and starting with PIP, the I is also incorrect and I get a string of 'evens', but then with a string of 3 evens, the 4th one goes odd, I know the center letter is O. And so it goes. When you figure out the word, you change hands, the other one becomes the guessee and you try to figure out the word. It's hard enough with just 3 letters but when you get better at it you can advance to 4 or 5 letter words.