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Culture Forum

  1. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    29 Jan '14 14:47
  2. Subscriber Pianoman1
    Nil desperandum
    29 Jan '14 16:51
    Originally posted by sonhouse
    Never been very much of a problem for me. 1st violin leads the group and by following her nods, bow action and body language we all keep together. She acts as the conductor as well as the leader.
  3. Subscriber gregsflat
    William Penn's gaze
    22 Feb '14 03:37
    Interesting, I know I have a tendency to slow down when I solo, so I do try and push myself then. If I'm told at other points that I'm pushing the tempo, I tend to think my natural tendency is to slow down, but maybe it's possible I could push the groove, I think it's more that I demonstratively carry the groove, and they slow down when they solo.
    But I work with leader that I have to respect his tempos, I don't mind changing to his whims, but just don't yell at me when you make a change.
    There's nights he's lucky he has chops, that I haven't busted him in the mouth.