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Culture Forum

  1. 15 Jun '09 05:16
    Rumble - Link Wray

    Don't deny it. You it's true.
  2. Standard member Bosse de Nage
    Zellulärer Automat
    15 Jun '09 05:25
    Originally posted by badmoon
    Rumble - Link Wray

    Don't deny it. You it's true.
    How can the man who invented the power-chord be anything but cool?
  3. Subscriber FMF
    Main Poster
    15 Jun '09 12:50
    Yo'Mama - Frank Zappa
  4. 15 Jun '09 16:42 / 1 edit

    won't get fooled again - the who or

    helter skelter- the beatles or

    whole lotta love- led zeppelin.
  5. 15 Jun '09 17:00 / 4 edits
    Queen - fat bottomed girls

    AC/DC - whole lotta rosie (Bonn Scott)

    Free - Mr.Big

    The who - the seeker
  6. Standard member Blackamp
    15 Jun '09 18:23 / 2 edits
    Cocaine - J.J. Cale.

    Surf Rider - The Lively Ones (featured in Pulp Fiction)

    Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley

    Waiting For the Man - The Velvet Underground

    and, yes,

    Rumble - Link Wray

    EDIT: oh yeah, and Miss You - Stones
  7. 16 Jun '09 16:19
    what was i thinking????

    Jimi Hendrix, all along the watchtower!
  8. Standard member uzless
    The So Fist
    16 Jun '09 18:40
    I need a new drug

    - Huey lewis
  9. 21 Jun '09 17:26
    (I can get no) satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
  10. 25 Jun '09 05:18

    - Alice in Chains
  11. 25 Jun '09 22:31
    star spangled banner - Hendrix
  12. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    01 Jul '09 14:35
    Heroin - The Velvet Underground
    Thunder road - Springsteen
    Flakes - Zappa
    Happiness is a warm gun - The Beatles
    Good vibrations - The Beach boys
  13. Standard member DrKF
    incipit parodia
    01 Jul '09 15:41
    I don't know about The Velvet Underground being rock, as such - although if they are, just about anything by them...

    Otherwise I'd go for any really good Neil Young wig-out (the fifteen-minute-plus version of Like a Hurricane, with interminable break-downs and build-ups, that I saw him do live remains one of my favourite gig moments ever.)
  14. 02 Jul '09 01:46
    50's: Singing the Blues (Tommy Steele version - I have the 78!)

    60's: With a Girl Like You - The Troggs.

    We have all been there.
    Gone to a dance, seen a beautiful girl, stare at her all night,
    never get the courage to ask her for a dance. Go home alone....

    "To you, across the floor my love I'll send."

    Brilliant. Best lyrics of the 60's.

    70's: Anarchy in the UK/God Save the Queen - The Pistols.

    Every decade after that produced bland crap.
  15. Donation rwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    02 Jul '09 02:05 / 4 edits
    California Dreamin'

    Mamas & The Papas

    Edit: No, wait!

    True Love Will Find You In The End

    Daniel Johnston

    No, wait!

    No New Tale To Tell

    Love and Rockets

    No, wait!

    I Hear You Knocking

    Dave Edmunds

    No, wait!

    Little Fluffy Clouds

    The Orb