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  1. 29 Jul '09 22:50 / 2 edits
    Hi, i would like to ask those of Spanish or Portuguese extraction, or anyone else who knows anything about it, what is the traditional way or the best way to serve Sangria?

    i had heard that it is put in a large bowl /container, mixed with summer fruits and served like this? is this a fallacy? how should it be served?

    i really like the idea of a type of Pimms No.1 type of drink, you know, served with crushed ice and lemonade and summer fruits, and thought that this might be a kind of equivalent, although i do not think that it is mixed with lemonade, but i could be wrong, it is not a remote possibility, any ideas are really appreciated,

    kind regards Robbie.
  2. 29 Jul '09 23:13 / 1 edit
    Sangria is hard to screw up. Summer fruits are always acceptable. People experiment and put all sorts of stuff in their sangria. Serve chilled and enjoy!

    There really is no traditional way. Different regions follow different recipes. Make sure to use Grenadine.