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New California?4125 Jan '18 14:36whodeywhodey
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Trump is Right?2125 Jan '18 02:26kmax87Mott The Hoople
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Democrats...3225 Jan '18 00:39Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
The real issue going on...2225 Jan '18 00:37Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
This will all work out624 Jan '18 22:10mchillMott The Hoople
BREXIT Democracy21224 Jan '18 18:26wolfgang59Ghost of a Duke
Chuck Schumer condemns himself3324 Jan '18 15:49whodeyMott The Hoople
Turks attack Kurds in Syria1924 Jan '18 15:45no1maraudersh76
Why educated voters are more Liberal5724 Jan '18 12:39mchillZahlanzi
Secret society...324 Jan '18 12:35Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Government shutdown: Who's to blame?7824 Jan '18 09:34mchillZahlanzi
So, nobody jokes about Islam, do they?1023 Jan '18 21:16shavixmirMott The Hoople
Congressional approval down to 11%5923 Jan '18 12:44whodeyShallow Blue
In case you forgot...1023 Jan '18 11:34Mott The HoopleShallow Blue
#ShowTheMemo...823 Jan '18 01:17Mott The Hoopleno1marauder
FBI destroys evidence1223 Jan '18 00:15whodeywhodey
Chess site full of libtards5522 Jan '18 23:15wolfgang59Philokalia
TRUMP-1...Schumer-01422 Jan '18 21:35Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
I wasn't a Trump supportor ..122 Jan '18 20:15Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Gerrymandering is going down in PA122 Jan '18 19:19no1marauderno1marauder
Utopian Socialism5922 Jan '18 11:05rwingettWajoma
No sh.....hole countries2920 Jan '18 18:21whodeysonhouse
Trump is right about the USPS15620 Jan '18 16:38sh76kmax87
Is! it! racist?!1620 Jan '18 16:35Great King Ratshavixmir
Trump and chain migration120 Jan '18 16:00mchillmchill
How many Trumps....320 Jan '18 15:55shavixmirshavixmir
The NRA, Russia and Trump419 Jan '18 19:52no1marauderAThousandYoung