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Debates Forum

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This Ticks Me Off2205 Jun '18 19:27no1maraudersonhouse
What about the independent and swing voters?1304 Jun '18 22:59mchillsonhouse
Thanks Obama!5804 Jun '18 19:21whodeymghrn55
Time to get smart - says Trump1904 Jun '18 15:35shavixmirmoonbus
tax cuts equal raises...404 Jun '18 04:12Mott The Hoopleno1marauder
US Inequality and the Great Wisdom of the Ameri...1703 Jun '18 23:14Duchess64wolfgang59
not good for democrats...703 Jun '18 23:02Mott The Hooplelemon lime
Roseanne Barr10503 Jun '18 18:46wolfgang59no1marauder
Germaine Greer: Rape is Mostly Just Bad Sex1203 Jun '18 01:02Duchess64lemon lime
Old mums3001 Jun '18 21:47wolfgang59Eladar
Ambien tweeting1601 Jun '18 21:33shavixmirshavixmir
Hitler question1901 Jun '18 16:07whodeyvivify
Blue wave...3131 May '18 13:37Mott The HoopleShallow Blue
remember this?731 May '18 09:46Mott The Hooplewolfgang59
CNN getting sued731 May '18 04:18whodeySuzianne
Woopsy!230 May '18 23:02whodeyWOLFE63
a little something to mull around...130 May '18 22:53Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Trey Gowdy ridicules Trumps' "Spygate"1530 May '18 18:38no1marauderwhodey
meuller to investigate if Trump colluded with C...430 May '18 17:05Mott The Hooplemchill
Refugee caught climbing up building930 May '18 14:50wolfgang59sonhouse
Childish Trumpian Conservatives:1830 May '18 13:09WOLFE63WOLFE63
Why are war time Presidents glorified?1530 May '18 12:37whodeywhodey
Saudi Arabia criminalizes sexual harassment1229 May '18 23:45vivifyvivify
More injustice1629 May '18 20:58whodeywhodey
Hawaiian judge blocks Trump NK summit cancelati...1329 May '18 20:02Mott The Hooplewolfgang59
black culture and liberals...1129 May '18 14:18Mott The Hooplevivify
Making a stand4429 May '18 11:32wolfgang59Shallow Blue
Impeach him6029 May '18 03:40wolfgang59Duchess64
2 more republicans heading for the exits!429 May '18 01:15mchillmchill
crazy isnt it...828 May '18 22:48Mott The Hooplekquinn909