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Debates Forum

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"Why now is the time to talk to Hamas" (article...1201 Jun '17 22:34Duchess64sonhouse
Dear sonhouse: I Was Wrong10201 Jun '17 16:31FreakyKBHsonhouse
Good and evil701 Jun '17 12:45whodeywhodey
The pope roasts Donald Trump1231 May '17 18:49Zahlanzisonhouse
Conservatives and the media1031 May '17 18:12mchillKazetNagorra
Discrimination against Asians6631 May '17 00:51whodeyDuchess64
People, Wildlife, and Responsibility131 May '17 00:43Duchess64Duchess64
Is there anything we can actively do?8731 May '17 00:38vivifychaney3
Trump: Stop fighting these investigations428 May '17 16:19mchillmchill
Cat got your tongue, Donald?2327 May '17 19:28SuzianneHandyAndy
Lunar eclipse, flat earth?2926 May '17 20:21sonhousesonhouse
Satellite and radar images of Antarctica:126 May '17 16:25sonhousesonhouse
More NASA Oopsie-daisies!12226 May '17 14:06FreakyKBHsonhouse
Dim morality indicator2826 May '17 09:49whodeySuzianne
Lynching on a college campus726 May '17 02:54PhrannyPhranny
Top sheriff: Democrats destroying black communi...6425 May '17 20:20checkbaiterno1marauder
Yanks reveal information about M/c bombing1425 May '17 16:37finneganKazetNagorra
The budget2724 May '17 17:55ZahlanziPhranny
Question for the lawyers623 May '17 22:43vivifyvivify
UCLA: conservative women are more feminine1423 May '17 19:33vivifyDuchess64
Trump nepotism steadily worsening1623 May '17 19:30vivifyDuchess64
Bill Clinton fired FBI director5223 May '17 19:05Metal BrainMetal Brain
~31 Years 3 Months Two Weeks15922 May '17 18:11FreakyKBHsonhouse
Stupid Watergate922 May '17 17:05ZahlanziZahlanzi
GOP blocks Ethics inquiry on lobbyists522 May '17 15:52vivifywhodey
Doomsday vault floods1222 May '17 12:36whodeysonhouse
Trump to hold speech on Islam1022 May '17 10:07shavixmirwhodey
Trump reveals classified information to Russia7421 May '17 22:48mchillHandyAndy
GOP are spineless liars!1621 May '17 20:56whodeyDuchess64
Roger Ailes dies5221 May '17 20:21vivifyDuchess64