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Trump verses Mother Nature1213 Sep '17 12:28whodeywhodey
Trump testing bipartisanship113 Sep '17 11:39mchillmchill
My new kitty cat.1211 Sep '17 23:54kquinn909Suzianne
Reparations for blacks?13710 Sep '17 21:03whodeykquinn909
Watch these films610 Sep '17 18:52kquinn909Shallow Blue
It's not so bad out there5210 Sep '17 12:43mchillkaroly aczel
Succinct explainations please4609 Sep '17 23:56divegeesterkmax87
Jeff Sessions says DACA is Unconstitutional5309 Sep '17 10:11whodeyfinnegan
The demonization of Trump36509 Sep '17 01:52whodeySuzianne
"North Korea's latest nuclear test reflects fai...2308 Sep '17 21:17Duchess64Duchess64
Highly Recommended1508 Sep '17 17:28mchillDuchess64
USA helped Pakistan get Nukes807 Sep '17 20:05Metal BrainDuchess64
"The danger of the white American liberal" (art...2507 Sep '17 19:54Duchess64Duchess64
CNN finally gets what they deserve1207 Sep '17 18:49whodeysonhouse
Trump & temporary work-visas2207 Sep '17 16:17Metal BrainMetal Brain
Missile testing: facts and stats?607 Sep '17 15:50shavixmirMetal Brain
Why was Houston not evacuated?5506 Sep '17 18:24whodeywhodey
Political spectrum4906 Sep '17 15:53whodeyKazetNagorra
Worst UK Government Ever?906 Sep '17 11:36finneganmoonbus
Different For Girls9105 Sep '17 19:04Duchess64Duchess64
"My hands are too big!"704 Sep '17 22:40SuzianneWajoma
When is Trump going to own it??1604 Sep '17 14:13mchillWajoma
Catholic church at it again1103 Sep '17 21:39whodeyAThousandYoung
Maybe its not racial4103 Sep '17 12:27kmax87whodey
The aesthetics of the wall...1202 Sep '17 22:11shavixmirAThousandYoung
Keeping America Safe Through Deportations1002 Sep '17 20:54Duchess64Duchess64
Was Comey complicit?1002 Sep '17 12:31whodeyGreat King Rat
Trump's Hurrican Harvey Merchandise801 Sep '17 23:13finneganDuchess64
Will state rights trump Trump?1201 Sep '17 23:08finneganDuchess64
Hitler's plans if he had won5201 Sep '17 01:37whodeyDuchess64