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Debates Forum

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How will the Mueller investigation end?2106 Mar '18 15:03mchillwhodey
Michigan shooting...1906 Mar '18 13:16Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Another alt-right thread about bollocks4206 Mar '18 05:42shavixmirshavixmir
Trump: it would be a good idea to make me dicta...1805 Mar '18 18:59KazetNagorrawhodey
Bernie Sanders collusion505 Mar '18 18:54Zahlanziwhodey
Trump praises ending term limits405 Mar '18 14:37vivifywhodey
Wall Street Owns the Country905 Mar '18 13:28ThinkOfOneGreat King Rat
South African Land Reform Now Closer10605 Mar '18 10:49PhilokaliaShallow Blue
Major wants free vote on Brexit5805 Mar '18 09:58wolfgang59Ashiitaka
Schumer votes against judge cuz he is white1004 Mar '18 20:27whodeywhodey
Unicorn poops ice cream1804 Mar '18 10:14shavixmirmoonbus
Dealing with gunman - UK style403 Mar '18 23:44wolfgang59wolfgang59
Tariffs1603 Mar '18 15:42wolfgang59JS357
Trump calls for ban on bump stocks1902 Mar '18 23:07vivifyZahlanzi
The problem1602 Mar '18 19:28Mott The Hoopleshavixmir
Take the guns first, then due process?1702 Mar '18 16:25whodeywhodey
Medicare for all2602 Mar '18 13:02ZahlanziShallow Blue
Putin’s invincible nukes402 Mar '18 03:40shavixmirPhilokalia
DOJ discredited again1202 Mar '18 00:18whodeyHandyAndy
AK-47 vs Tyrannosaurus Rex1901 Mar '18 23:28caissad4DeepThought
Should Billy Graham be shown at the Capital?3101 Mar '18 15:00whodeyshavixmir
Delta cut ties with NRA, Georgia fights back.2001 Mar '18 12:11sonhouseZahlanzi
The madness that is the american gun issue21801 Mar '18 11:09ZahlanziGreat King Rat
Hope Hicks Resigns301 Mar '18 07:20no1marauderwolfgang59
The problem of guns6901 Mar '18 02:37whodeyPhilokalia
You be the judge and jury701 Mar '18 00:28whodeywolfgang59
Another Trump member quits128 Feb '18 23:40mchillmchill
CNN censors student7028 Feb '18 19:53whodeywolfgang59
History of gun control528 Feb '18 16:00whodeyZahlanzi
Trump called Parkland deputy a coward9428 Feb '18 12:20whodeyMott The Hoople