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  1. 20 Sep '10 07:15


    Keith Macdonald, who is soon to become the father of 10 children by 10 different women. Pictured here with his latest girlfriend Dannielle Little Photo: NNP

    Two different women claim they are expecting babies by Keith Macdonald, from Sunderland.

    The 25-year-old son of a binman first became a father at the age of 15 and has since abandoned each child.

    Since all the mothers and children are largely dependant on benefits it is likely to cost the taxpayer up to £2 million by the time they are all 16.

  2. 20 Sep '10 07:15
    i wonder if they're counting the interest on that sum.
  3. 20 Sep '10 07:17
    "SON of a binman"! what's he, then!?!
  4. 20 Sep '10 07:17
    time for Eladar to break out the willy whacker.
  5. 20 Sep '10 07:18
  6. 20 Sep '10 07:19
    Originally posted by KazetNagorra
    OMG, you've been spending too much time with FMF!
  7. 20 Sep '10 07:23
    i wonder if you guys achieved maximal skin contact in a flotation tank, how long would it take for your thoughts to transpose?

    ever seen Altered States?