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Debates Forum

  1. 16 Jun '10 03:26 / 4 edits

    Apparently Congressman Steve King of Iowa has recently said that President Obama favors black people over white people. To back up his claims, he then referred to the incident of Obama's black friend who was a professor tangle with a white police officer. President Obama jumped to the defence of his friend but was later discovered to be off base with his support.

    Needless to say, it now appears that both Democrat and his own party, the Republicans, are distancing themselves from the Congressman. What is in the water in DC?

    I say at least make things a little more interesting. I say place King in a ring with Etheridge and let them duke it out. Even better, lets get Jerry Springer to lead a Congressional session and let them go at it throwing chairs and bleeping out every other word that comes out of their twisted mouths.