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    Originally posted by no1marauder
    I know statistics aren't your thing, but the three times as likely to be stopped already took into account the racial makeup of Ferguson. Please see the link I already provided for details; it also states that of people who were stopped, the white ones were more likely to be carrying contraband.

    Your personal experience did not include living in Fergu ...[text shortened]... shot at 12 times. There is something deeply sick about this system and it needs to be addressed.
    You still playing ignorant. Brown was not shot at for stealing cigarillos or for even walking in the middle of the street. It was for all the other things he did including resisting arrest and attacking a police officer with the likely possible intent to kill. You are as hard headed as these atheists and evolutionists.
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    Originally posted by no1marauder
    One doesn't have to go back that far to find evidence that police in Ferguson, Missouri treat blacks differently than whites. Blacks are about 3 times more likely to be stopped and about 5 times as likely to be arrested than whites.

    First, I do fine with statistical evidence. I used knowledge already seen to make my analysis, without reading your cited numbers, but lurking in that article is a likely explanation for the discrepancy in traffic stops.

    Whites were more likely to be found with contraband. If you were carrying contraband (usually drugs) wouldn't you drive more carefully? Raw numbers rarely tell the whole story. For example when the Boston Fed found evidence of discrimination based on numbers of blacks turned down for mortgages, it wasn't discovered until later that the rates of foreclosure were nearly identical, showing that rather than discrimination, the underwriting standards were right about the risks.

    Presuming discrimination due to more tickets and stops presumes that both groups are driving the same, or it could mean that blacks drive more recklessly, and disregard the law and safety. Both conclusions from raw numbers could be wrong.
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