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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    05 Mar '19 20:161 edit

    "But two women who alleged they were raped by staff employed by
    businesses currently promoted on TripAdvisor said the company is
    failing its “duty to public safety” in the way it handles such complaints.
    They said they fear others are at risk without information about
    prior alleged incidents being made visible on the business page."

    "Christine, 44, from Toronto, Canada, alleged she was raped in a hotel
    in the Caribbean while on holiday with her family. She said the process
    of leaving the complaint of sexual assault as a review was futile, as reviews were
    routinely “buried” by other reviews, making it difficult for users to find.
    She added that the reviews detailing sexual assault attacks should not
    be lumped alongside other 1-star reviews complaining about “bed sheets”."

    “Many women contacted me and said this (rape) has happened to them too,
    by a different staff member at another hotel. And we need to be aware of it.”

    One night I was asleep in bed (alone) in a hotel room. I was awakened
    by a man hovering over me. In the darkness, I could not clearly see
    his face, but I knew that his intrusion was uncalled for and alarming.
    Instinctively, I screamed. Fortunately for me, the man then ran away.

    I concluded that the man most likely was a hotel employee, who had a key to my room.
    I filed a complaint, but given that I could not definitely identify him,
    the hotel management was uninterested in investigating any further.
    I have wondered about what may have happened to other vulnerable guests.
  2. Seongnam, S. Korea
    03 Jun '17
    05 Mar '19 20:48
    There was actually another article I read months back talking about the number of foreign women raped in Jamaica and how no one is actively warning Canadians (or other foreigners) from heading to Jamaica in spite of the rape epidemic.

    Of course, imagine what life is like for Jamaican women!