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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    30 Sep '16 02:27

    "How to Get Ahead in Silicon Valley: Hide Being a Woman Says Male 'Expert'"
    --Julia Carrie Wong (29 September 2016)

    "John Greathouse suggested that women should escape the gender
    bias that pervades the tech industry by pretending not to be women."

    Some women already attempt to avoid the usual sexist discrimination
    and misogynistic abuse in male-dominated areas (such as this website)
    by obscuring their gender, if not actively pretending not to be women.
    (Apparently according to some sexist trolls, the only way that a chess
    player could prove that she's really a woman is by consistently losing to men.)

    "Sexist, Racist, the Web Hounding of Ellen Pao Shows the Trolls are Winning:
    The vilification of the former Reddit chief executive highlights an
    *internet blighted by intolerant white men*."
    --Helen Lewis (17 July 2015)

    "The abuse of [Ellen] Pao was predictable ... Pao's gender made her a target from the start."
    --Helen Lewis

    "The trolls are winning."
    --Ellen Pao

    I suspect that some white men at RHP are like Ellen Pao's hateful trolls.

    "Why the Mediocre Male's Days May be Numbered"
    --Jessica Valenti (28 September 2016)

    "...a scenario familiar to most women: a bombastic but woefully under-informed
    man who is convinced how much smarter he is than you."
    --Jessica Valenti

    "For women like [Hillary] Clinton who are advised to tone down their
    intelligence lest they come across as unlikable..."
    --Jessica Valenti

    "...the precise formulation of smiling and silence in the face of [Donald Trump's]
    bold-faced lies and idiocy."
    --Jessica Valenti

    I encounter 'bold-faced lies and idiocy' nearly all the time at RHP.

    Even if Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump, Jessica Valenti projects too much optimism.
    I expect that, for many years to come, mediocre or even stupid white men
    will routinely get praised, promoted, and paid more than women or non-whites.
    As a white woman, Jessica Valenti has experienced sexism, but not racism,
    and I don't know if she understands how bad it is to be afflicted by both.