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    The clusterfuk that is marijuana in the US.
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    Originally posted by Zahlanzi

    The clusterfuk that is marijuana in the US.
    The racism and such goes back even further than Nixon. Anslinger and Hoover made a deal to kill the use of hemp by the cotton industry. That killed several birds with one stone from their POV. They hated blacks and mexicans and Jazz musicians. So when the Cotton people made a deal, from their POV it was a match made in heaven. Hemp is actually superior to cotton for cloth but that mattered little, and the fact that you cannot get stoned from hemp didn't matter either.

    That was one of the most disgusting arrangements ever made by the US right up their with legalized slavery early on in US history.

    The bit with Nixon should be on every bookshelf in America.

    I always knew he was an assshole but that takes the cake.

    It shows how religions start, once they dig in it is almost impossible to eradicate.