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    Originally posted by utherpendragon
    I know it says, a "conservative journalist". Which is a role he played at the time. ( I remember). He has admitted since then that he willingly and knowingly published out right lies.
    Brock goes which ever way the wind blows. Now he is playing the role of the progressive. But does this mean he is no longer a liar ? He publishes the truth now ? I thi ...[text shortened]... find on them or their families. All the while being tax exempt by the way. 501(c)(3) status.
    If they're 501(c)(3) then I have an issue with that. But there are plenty of organizations which cooperate politically with one party or political side or another. Why is the Media Matters cooperation with the Democrats such an issue? Each side has plenty of think tanks, grassroots organizations, bloggers, websites, etc. The right even has a whole national cable news network.
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