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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    24 Jun '19 21:09
    Renee Bach, a white American Christian missionary with no medical training,
    is being sued by Ugandan mothers who claim that her supposed 'medical
    treatment' caused the deaths of their children and many more.

    Here's an earlier article by a white American criticizing Renee Bach:

    "When White Saviorism Turns Deadly: American missionary played doctor,
    children died, when will there be justice?"

    "When I first visited Uganda in 2010, I was 20-years-old and chock-full
    of the white savior complex. ...The Ugandan women who cared for
    the children in the home were far better equipped to love and care
    for these children. They knew the culture, language and were a
    constant in the lives of the at-risk kids who came into care."

    "One of the hardest but most important lessons I have learned over
    the last 8 years has been that good intentions are not good enough.
    No matter how well meaning I have been or continue to be, the impact of
    my actions on the community I claim to be helping far outweighs my goodwill."

    "It was reported by multiple parties that Renee was actively practicing
    medicine on children that came to the center. She had medical professionals
    on staff but she herself, with no medical training, chose to actively
    treat and respond to serious medical needs of children in crisis."

    "Taking children from actual hospitals and medical centers, Renee
    and her team would bring children back to the center in Masese.
    Renee herself would openly talk about how much she enjoyed
    “hands on medical care”. An unknown number of children have
    died in the care of this center. "

    "Could you imagine if a young, Ugandan woman was experimenting with
    medical procedures on their [white] children and they ended up dying?
    These same [Western] missionaries who have stood by and justified
    these behaviors would not sleep until they got justice if this had
    happened to their children."

    "After SHC was shut down in 2015, many of us hoped that there
    would finally be justice for all of the families who had children die
    at the center under Renee’s care. We were wrong. Up until now,
    there has not been a full investigation into the evidence provided
    to authorities here in Uganda."

    Renee Bach's evidently unqualified to practice medicine.
    I doubt that she would have dared to do so on white children in the USA.
    So she should be held accountable if she has done so on black children in Uganda.
  2. SubscriberPatzering
    is getting old...
    13 Jun '19
    24 Jun '19 21:25
    Nobody cares about Uganda. Not even god.
  3. SubscriberPatzering
    is getting old...
    13 Jun '19
    24 Jun '19 21:34
    Everything coming from you is about race.
    Yet you are too scared to let anyone know what race you are.

    It's easy...I'll show you.

    I'm white and proud of it 😊