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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. 19 Mar '10 22:52
    I ran across this article that makes some pretty serious charges about Hannity's Freedom Alliance charity. Unlike many on here I'm not going to salivate and jump up and down with glee over any charge against the political opposition. If true this is actually rather sad, but more important I want to do some searching and see if there's anything to this.

    It's worth noting that the author is Debbie Schlussel, a controversial, Conservative columnist who is typically disliked in Liberal circles. It's also worth noting that in her editorial she provides documentation of Freedom Alliance's tax returns.

    I welcome all Conservatives on here to do your own fact checking, as I would certainly do the same if such charges were made toward a Liberal charity.

    March 18, 2010, - 5:46 am
    Sean Hannity’s Freedom CONcert Scam: Almost None of Charity’s $ Went to Injured Troops, Kids of Fallen Troops; G5s for Vannity?

    By Debbie Schlussel
  2. 19 Mar '10 23:26
    I saw the article you stated above, also a Huffington post,, I need to go back and check them out before I step in my own...
  3. 19 Mar '10 23:38
    It appears that you are right on the money USAPT.
    For shame! very little of that money seems to go anywhere, but for lavish transportantion, and perks...
    And that is hard for me to take... good job.