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  1. 12 Sep '14 21:15 / 1 edit
    'Israeli intelligence veterans refuse to serve in Palestinian territories"
    --Peter Beaumont

    "Forty-three veterans of one of Israel's most secretive military intelligence
    units...have signed a public letter refusing to serve in operations involving
    the occupied Palestinian territories because of the widespread surveillance
    of innocent residents."
    --Peter Beaumont
    "'Any Palestinian is exposed to monitoring by the Israeli Big Brother'"

    'The fact people (Palestinians) were innocent was not at all relevant.'
    --an Israeli military intelligence 'course instructor'
    "Israel's Unit 8200 refuseniks: 'you can't run from responsibility'"

    Here's the letter by Israeli intelligence veterans to Prime Minister Netanyahu:

    "We cannot continue to serve this system in good conscience, denying the
    rights of millions of people (Palestinians). Therefore, those among us who
    are reservists, refuse to take part in the state's actions against Palestinians.
    We call for all soldiers...along with all citizens of Israel to speak out against
    these injustices and to take action to bring them to an end. We believe that
    Israel's future depends on it."
    --veterans of Israel's military intelligence Unit 8200

    I hope that more IDF soldiers will begin to follow these veterans' example.