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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    11 Mar '17 23:44

    "Texas Republicans drew congressional districts on racial lines, judges find:
    Map found to be gerrymandered to weaken growing voting power of minorities,
    giving Democrats hope of new maps that could turn over more seats in Congress"

    "Federal judges found more problems in Texas’ voting rights laws, ruling
    that Republicans racially gerrymandered some congressional districts to
    weaken the growing electoral power of minorities."

    "“The record indicates not just a hostility toward Democrat districts, but
    a hostility to minority districts, and a willingness to use race for partisan
    advantage,” US district judges Xavier Rodriguez and Orlando Garcia
    wrote in their opinion."

    Will US President Trump again attack 'Mexican judges'?
  2. Standard membercaissad4
    Child of the Novelty
    San Antonio, Texas
    08 Mar '04
    12 Mar '17 02:17
    Maybe Trump will denounce these judges.
    But many Republican politicians and yellow dog Republicans will openly denounce this ruling. It is worth noting that Republicans have won every presidential election in Texas since Lyndon Johnson signed civil rights legislation back in the mid 1960's. Hmmm, Texas.: S