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Debates Forum

  1. 04 Feb '18 16:50 / 3 edits
    For over 50 years the GOP presented itself as the party of law and order. They praised our police, our national guard, FBI, CIA, NSA, and justice departments as guardians of our people, freedoms and our nation. The GOP framed the Liberals as crazy, and lazy pot smoking anarchists, out to send America into a godless, socialist hellhole. Conservative media outlets delighted in replaying Hillary Clinton's congressional grilling over her emails, and Benghazi, and were visibly giddy with joy as special counsel Ken Starr went after the Clintons, hammer and tong over the Whitewater real estate deal in the 90's. For over half a century Conservative lawmakers seized every opportunity to be photographed with FBI agents, Justice Dept. heads and intelligence community bigwigs. It's amazing how fast all that has changed.Let Donald Trump come under investigation, and all of a sudden America's justice system is corrupt, untrustworthy, and rotten to the core! Even GOP appointed law enforcement professionals like Robert Mueller and Rob Rosenstein are under suspicion, and only those who pledge loyalty oaths to Donald Trump (and ONLY Donald Trump) get to keep their jobs.

    What happened to the party of law and order??

  2. 04 Feb '18 17:27
    When you're attacking FBI agents because you're under criminal investigation, you're losing.

    - Sarah Huckabee Sanders